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Exoskeleton tech is no longer just a sci-fi term for mechanically enhanced human abilities. In the recent years, the innovation has found its home in heavy industries. The use of exoskeleton suits not only provides heavy industry workers with incomparable strength, but also ensures that their strenuous work does not take a toll on their health in the long run . Meanwhile, Poland-based EGZOTech has found a different use for the technology – their exoskeleton-powered LunaEMG may soon revolutionize rehabilitation for patients suffering from muscular dystrophy.

LunaEMG is a neurorehabilitation robot which employs the use of reactive ele
ctromyography to train the sensorimotor cortex. EGZOTech promises that the technology can aid in improving muscle strength, increasing a patient’s range of motion, as well as coordination. Because it comes with a variety of extensions, LunaEMG is also highly versatile – rehabilitation with the use of the robot could aid patients suffering from brain strokes, incomplete spinal cord injuries, ALS, multiple sclerosis, bone fractures, and any sort of muscular dystrophies.

In order for the rehabilitation to be successful, the process requires a correct diagnostic analysis. LunaEMG ensures that its diagnosis is correct by employing the use of force sensors, a six-channel electromyograph capable of tracking muscle activity, and multiple microprocessors. The used combination is able to precisely determine the range of mobility in a joint, or a patient’s muscle strength. After compiling the entirety of the data, Luna then generates reports which allow the patient’s health to be monitored.

As some of you may know, rehabilitation can be a long and strenuous process, and motivation can be a key factor in the journey’s outcome. The treatment can be especially hard for kids, who may get bored on unfocused during the long hours of work. By incorporating a selection of simple, yet useful games into the device’s system, LunaEMG may also help to encourage young patients to pay attention for much longer. Moreover, in some cases, the games itself can aid the process of rehabilitation as well by incorporating the use of concentric and isokinetic exercises into the treatment.

Despite the projects success, EGZOTech’s team assures that their work is far from over – the team wants to further revolutionize the market of rehabilitation by testing new solutions and recruiting new talents into their ranks. Best of luck to the innovators on their future biotech endeavors!