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Blue Mobile and Autopay Bring Mobile Payments To Polish Motorways

Choosing the motorway for an inter-city trip can often be the best option out there: you’re likely to arrive to your destination much faster than with regular roads, you’ll definitely avoid the dreaded congestion, and produce less CO2 due to the smooth traffic all the way to your destination. However, before you’re able to begin your journey, you’ll likely have to suffer through the dreaded motorway gate queue to pay the required fee for the drive ahead. What if you could skip the wait altogether and handle the fee remotely? Soon, you’ll be able to do just that: Blue Media, together with Autopay, are about to introduce mobile app payments for the Polish AmberOne motorway.

Autopay has just introduced their AmberGO option, which will support fees for the so-called AmberOne motorway. The 152 kilometer section of the major Polish A1 motorway stretches from the sea-side Rusocin towards Czerniewice, which is located near Łódź. Each day, drivers who wish to enter the motorway, need to collect a single-ride ticket which entails them to drive any fragment of the paid road, and pay an appropriate fee at the end of their journey, at the motorway exit.

Thanks to the Autopay app, drivers will be able to collect and pay for the tickets right through their iOS or Android smartphones, without the need for a stop at a tolling station. After registering within the app, drivers will be able to save their vehicle to their profile, add their payment information, and, just like that, take a trip on the motorway without even thinking about any tolling station ahead. According to the promises of the app’s developer, Autopay users should see the gates open automatically, without the need to stop their vehicles both at the entrance, and the exit from the motorway.

Sadly, for now, the options for the application are quite limited – currently, mobile payments are available only for the drivers wishing to travel the entirety of the AmberOne motorway sector, starting or ending in Nowa Wieś or Rusocin. While the option is not yet available for travellers who need to hop on or off the motorway at any other point, Blue Media promises to expand the project to other tolling stations once the solution proves its potential with Polish motorway users.

Do you think you’ll try out the Autopay app for your next AmberOne trip? For more information about Autopay, feel free to check out their website.