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Scoring a reliable accountant early on can be a priceless asset in the life of an entrepreneur. According to data published by the Central Statistical Office, 30 thousand new economic activities and 5 thousand capital companies are registered each month in Poland, and the demand for high quality accounting services is constantly on the rise. Even so, the popularity of online-based accounting services isn’t as large as one may expect. This may change soon, as Polish startup Taxly has taken it upon itself to revolutionize the market with its innovative accounting platform.

So why aren’t Polish entrepreneurs too keen to trust an online accountant? Co-founder and head accountant at Taxly, Piotr Dobrowolski explains:

As the process gets fully automated, which often happens with these kind of services, mistakes and shortcomings can often occur, and clients feel like they’re left to deal with these issues by themselves. We want to prove that innovation can be combined with the traditional accounting approach – this is why, apart from modern tools, Taxly focuses on direct contact and customer support. All our client needs to do is issue invoices and business expenses, and the accountant deals with everything else. – states Dobrowolski.

After signing up at Taxly’s portall, each client is assigned a specific accountant who will take care of their matters from then on. Apart from setting tax matters for businesses, Taxly offers a comprehensive accounting service for businesses, which includes consultancy, dispatch of declarations and JPK files to the Tax Office, and representation of the company during routine inspections and audits, including matters with ZUS. Clients can also take advantage of an all-fees-included transfer of documents via a courier ordered at Taxly’s expense. The startup’s offer comes in the form of a subscription service at several price points.

Our clients are mainly startups, which require a flexible and convenient accounting service at a good price. We focus on modernity, immediacy and transparency. (…) We’re trying to fill the gap associated with an insufficient focus on a client’s need [in online accounting]. We have an user-friendly online client portal, and an array of services designed to make business easier – for example, a system of automatic reminders for payments sent to contractors. But above all, we listen to those who have trusted us – says Filip Kokoszyński, Taxly’s Co-Founder.

So, what’s next for the Polish startup? Taxly’s main future goal lays in further expanding their client base. To find out more about the startup, feel free to check out their website.