Are you a newcomer into the startup world, and could need some guidance as you take your first steps in the business world? Or maybe you’ve been here for a while now, but you’d feel much more comfortable with someone more experienced watching your back? In either case, PFR’s new initiative may be right up your alley! The fund has just announced their brand new PFR Mentor Network, which aims to match young entrepreneurs with more experienced players in the business world.

The network aims to give startup representatives access to seasoned players of the tech and business world. Chosen applicants will get a chance to attend several meetings with their chosen mentor in order to gain insight and support for their future projects.

As we’ve examined the needs of young, innovative companies in Poland, we’ve noticed that despite their great products or services, they often struggle with achieving success domestically, and abroad. In this case, a good solution can come in the form of an experienced specialists who can examine the business from the outside, without emotions, and point out the weak points, as well as help compensate for them. This is why we’ve invited an outstanding group of experts who want to help us complement the competences of young startups. – said Eliza Kruczkowska, Director of the Innovation Development Department in the Polish Development Fund.

PFR has gathered an impressive group of 30 experienced business-people who had previously experienced struggles typical for young companies, but who are now left with outstanding success stories. The PFR Mentor Network has been divided into 5 expert categories, and consists of entrepreneurs such as Jędrzej Szczęśniak – the co-founder of Daftcode, CEO and co-founder of Prowly – Joanna Drabent, Karol Sadaj – Country Manager at Revolut, the CEO of – Katarzyna Kazior, and Michał Borkowski – the CEO and co-founder of Brainly.

If you’d like to apply for the program, its doors are now open! The application form can be found on PFR’s website, but bear in mind that you will be asked to choose your preferred mentor, so make sure to make time for plenty of research to go for someone whose experience would be of most value in the context of your business – the full list can be found here. You have until August 5th to make up your mind and click ‘send’ on that form.