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It’s that time of the year again! Startup Poland has just opened the doors to its annual study of the Polish startup industry. This year’s survey is dedicated towards upcoming entrepreneurs whose startups utilize data processing, and whose business model revolves around technical technologies. So, get yourself a strong cup of coffee, and go tackle these questions!

The newest report will be Startup Poland’s fourth venture into examining the startup ecosystem in Poland, and will focus on tech sectors such as big data, fintech, IoT, fintech, blockchain, and robotics. By studying various aspects in the life of a Polish startup, the NGO hopes to provide the community with tools necessary to not only grow further, but also to familiarize the public administration with the current state of the startup scene in Poland.

It’s not a secret that, in order to outrun someone, you need to run faster. But apart from running, we need to be heading in the right direction. Are we swiftly dodging the obstacles put in our way by our competition and the legislation? Are we smart in our decisions regarding widely available funding coming from the EU and the government? (…) These are just some of the questions we want to answer by studying the condition, the needs, and the trends among Polish startups. Thanks to the national study, our industry does not need to act blindly – explains Julia Krzysztofiak Szopa, Head of the Board at Startup Poland.

This time around, Startup Poland has added a few additional themes to their study, which are meant to provide the final report with a more rounded image of the Polish startup scene. The first new theme in the survey revolves around the creme of the crop when it comes to startup secors. Startup Poland hopes to find out which sectors of the market hold all the aces, and which ones aren’t worth looking at these days.

Next, the survey will examine the origin stories of startup aficionados, in order to find a common path among the numerous success stories. Is international experience a must, or maybe it’s all about a good college degree? Hopefully, we’ll get some hints soon.

The third addition to this year’s study revolves around major corporations’ interest in the world of startups, and the effects of their involvement in the ecosystem. This part of the survey will look at different roles of startups within the world of big business players, and the potential for exit strategies within the Polish context.

Lastly, it’s all about the money. Is getting involved in a startup a way to get rich, or is it a bottomless pit for one’s investments? The study will attempt to show the average financial perspectives of the Polish startup workers, and compare their work culture to the one of major corporations.

If you’d like to contribute to the study, the survey will remain open until July 31st. The full report will be released after the summer – we’ll definitely give you a heads up once it becomes available! For now, head to Startup Poland’s website, and get to answering!