Big news for the Europe-based micromobility fans out there! The Swiss EV Microlino has just been made street-legal in all European countries. With the model’s homologation process completed, the company estimates that Microlino will enter the market in Switzerland in Germany in 2019.

As for the specs of the small electric car, Microlino houses two seats, which puts its measurements at mere 2.40 metres in length. This means that the car is capable of taking up only a third of a standard parking space occupied by cars! The vehicle’s small measurements also contribute towards its noticeably smaller weight – Microlino comes in at a mere 510 kg, which includes battery.

But enough about measurements – we’re well aware that with electric cars, the battery power is the component to look out for. Despite its small size, the Microlino houses a 15kW powertrain, as well as a standard battery of 8kWh. While the battery can support a journey of up to 120 km, customers who estimate that the range may be too small for their needs will be able to choose a 14.4 kWh battery option instead, with a range of up to 215 km.

So what’s the plan before the public-wide release in 2019? With homologation under their belt, Microlino plans to have the first series ready by the end of September of this year in order to begin their strenuous testing process. The company hopes to offer test drives of the first 25 vehicles, and use the feedback from these tests to implement some final changes into the market-ready version of the car. All modifications need to be done by December 2018, as that’s when the company hopes to start production for the market release.

In case you’re interested in purchasing, but aren’t already on the reservation list, you can still register here! Do you think micro electric cars have a future in our day to day lives? We’ll keep you updated once we hear anything more about the trend, but for now, feel free to head to Microlino’s website to find out more about the project.

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