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Renting out property as a sideline investment can often end up being a “sideline” activity only in theory – from maintaining the state of the property, to monitoring the status of monthly payments, a landlord’s responsibilities can often take center stage in one’s already busy work week. If any of these struggles sound familiar, Rentumi’s services may be what you’re looking for.

This Polish-made application functions as a mobile headquarters for anyone looking to make their rental experience more automated. No matter if you’re trying to manage a two-bedroom apartment which has been in your family for decades, or if the properties you rent out cannot be counted on one hand – in either case Rentumi is bound to make the entire process much more time-effective, organized, and convenient for anyone involved. 

So, how does it work, exactly? After registering for the Rentumi app, a landlord is able to draft their first renting contract in a completely remote fashion. While the verification process of a prospective resident is typically limited to a phone call (with the optional prospect of meeting the client in person, which is not required by the system), Rentumi is currently in the process of constructing a complex survey system which will inform the landlords of the candidates’ renting and payment history. After a successful match is made, the future resident is asked to confirm the consent to share their personal data via a text message, and a rental agreement can be customized to fit the needs of both parties.

Finally, in order to sign the lease, the renter is asked to provide graphic signature, and upload a confirmation of the transfer of their first monthly payment and safety deposit.  And…that’s it! According to Rentumi’s website, the entire process takes as little as 10 minutes, and afterwards, the landlord is free to hand over the keys to their new renter.

While the application has already earned a place on their Polish market, and currently services over 700 renters throughout the country, Rentumi’s mission to make the lives of landlords easier is far from over. The company has recently completed the developing an English version of their app, and wants to introduce their service to other European markets.

Best of luck for Rentumi in their future endeavors! To find out more about the application, feel free to check out their website.