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Most of us are too busy to do all of our shopping in person these days, but the precious time-saving component of online purchases doesn’t always work out perfectly. After all, if you’re too busy to go shopping, you likely won’t have time to wait for the courier to knock on your door either. With seemingly endless post office queues and detours to parcel pickup stations, we often waste the same amount of time it would have taken us to take that shopping trip in the first place. But what if your packages could safely wait for you in a personalized storage in your apartment building? Pakomatic’s new solution promises just that, and more.

Pakomatic Tetris is a personalized system of lightweight package lockers which may soon find their place in apartment complexes throughout Poland. The new model is an improved version of the previous Pakomatic Concierge locker system from the startup’s offer. While the company’s first product employed a system similar to those used in traditional parcel pickup stations such as InPost or Amazon Hub, and was intended mainly for large apartment complexes, its younger sibling is much more versatile and can be expanded over time.

We did not want to leave our customers empty-handed. There was a clear need to increase the adjustability of our installations. Our decision to introduce the Tetris model was influenced by the numerous requests from apartment complexes which already had control systems in place which restricted all residents from accessing a single installation – explains Łukasz Łapiński, Managing Director of Pakomatic.

The new Tetris model is also easier to implement from a developer’s perspective due to its customizability – the lockers are suitable not only in large apartment complexes, but also in suburban areas and low-rise residential areas. Depending on a building’s layout, the lockers can be installed outside in order to provide easy access for couriers and residents, or anywhere in the entrance hall to ensure additional security.

Pakomatic’s technology caught the attention of one of the leading real estate developers in Poland – Echo Investment. The developer has decided to collaborate with the startup to incorporate the Tetris locker system into their new buildings. With the steady growth of e-commerce, it’s necessary to introduce new solutions for storing and receiving packages. We want to do it systematically and comfortably, without disturbing the neighbors’ peace and order. This is why we’ve decided to work with Pakomatic. – stated Kazimierz Monkiewicz, CSR and CSV Manager at Echo Investment.

For more information about Pakomatic, and their Tetris locker system, feel free to check out their website.