We’ve barely reached August, but 2018 can already be summed up as a very successful year for Skriware. After a few very intense months, the Polish 3D printing tech startup has managed to account for over 70% of their sales budget for this year. Now, they can add yet another success to their list – NCBR has just given Skriware a place on the fast track of their Intelligent Development Operational Program, along with a grant of 4.5 million PLN.


You may have heard of the Warsaw-based startup before – we’ve covered their adventures a few times already, but here’s a quick catch-up session for those of you who may have missed out on what they do. While there are a lot of 3D printer developers out there, what makes Skriware special is their unfaltering focus on education technology. The company strives to make their products as user-friendly as possible, not only adapt them for the wider public, but also to make them suitable for usage within school environments. Skriware’s founders believe that education should revolve around honing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) related skills, and this has been the focus of their projects so far.


“The growing interest in educational technologies is one of the most important drivers of our growth. Only in the last 6 months we have signed contracts exceeding 70 percent of the sales plan for 2018. (…) Additionally, we’re collaborating with a number of education facilities, and our products have received feedback from both Poland-based and international organizations. This gives us a rounded perspective at the ways in which we can help young people take their first steps in the world of new technologies, and equip them with skills essential for the future labor market.” – explains Karol Górnowicz, the CEO of Skriware.


The company’s innovative spirit has not gone unnoticed – The Polish National Centre for Research and Development has decided to support the startup’s efforts to introduce the 3D printing technology into schools across Poland. The startup plans to dedicate the sizable financial grant towards three of their future goals: the development of Skribots, the improvement of their 3D printers’ error detection technology, and the expansion of the Skriware Academy – a STEAM-based education platform developed in collaboration with educators from Harvard Graduate School of Education and the University of Texas’ Astro Center.

Congratulations to Skriware, and best of luck in their future endeavors – if you’d like to learn more about their work and 3D printing technology, feel free to check out their website.