We’re still cooling off after the intense two days of Impact mobility rEVolution’18 – the first edition of our mobility-oriented gathering turned out to be a tremendous success, and this could not be achieved without the help of our event’s partners. Today we’d like to familiarize you with the contributions of one of them: The Polish Development Fund (PFR).

Throughout the two days of IMR’18, PFR’s team participated in numerous discussions, and presented their perspectives on topics such as the benefits of automation for the industry, the usage of hydrogen in public transport, Poland’s future in becoming a battery producer on the European scale, and the development of electromobility as a whole. PFR’s Program Manager Karolina Milewska also shared her expertise regarding autonomy in municipalities during a main-stage discussion in our Urban Mobility track.

Apart from their participation on the main stage, PFR had also prepared a special workshop for our event, which familiarized our crowds with the potential of implementing unmanned aerial vehicles within local government units. Numerous local government representatives had a chance to not only find out more about the technology, but also actively analysed the potential usage for drones in their cities and municipalities.

The attendants of the workshop had the opportunity to meet with Bartłomiej Pawlak – the Vice President of the Management Board at PFR, who supervises the development of the “Żwirko i Wigura” program; Kazimierz Karolczak – Chairman of the Board at GZM, and Dariusz Werschner – President of the Polish Chamber of Unmanned Systems, who served as a moderator for the discussion.

PFR’s involvement in the drone market comes as a continuation of their “Żwirko i Wigura” Program, which aims to foster the growth of the unmanned aerial vehicles industry in Poland. The program’s focus does not like exclusively in the drones’ production, but also in their usage within the service industry.

Services are a crucial aspect of the drone market, and account for the majority of its value. At PFR, we’ve looked into the three major aspects of drone usage: improving the quality of life, increasing security, and efficiency. [However], the ways in which they can be used is limited only by the imagination and economic efficiency.” – explained Karolina Milewska, manager of the “Żwirko i Wigura” Program at PFR.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Impact mobility rEVolution! To find out more about the “Żwirko i Wigura” program, feel free to head to PFR’s website.