The dawn of 3D printing technology has truly revolutionized the health industry by offering a whole new perspective for the development of anatomical models, implants, and prosthetics. However, the window for further innovation in the field is far from closed. With a brand new Simpact Fund investment of 1 million Zloty, Cracow-based startup Glaze Prosthetics has decided to design a replacement limb suitable for the modern times.

Each year, around 10 thousand limb amputations are performed in Poland, but due to the limitations of the most widely available prosthetic technology, most of the affected patients either abandon the prospect very quickly, or never consider it at all. Why? According to Glaze Prosthetics, a few reasons are at fault here: modern prosthetics are still uncomfortably heavy, tricky to use, and not very aesthetically pleasing.

The company believes that their innovative prosthetic technology has the potential to solve all of the aforementioned issues. While staying true to the idea of everyday functionality, the startup has also decided to turn their products into true fashion statement pieces. Their prosthetics are not only stylish, but also completely customizable in order to help restore the wearer’s self-confidence by means of self-expression.

The problem of appearance may seem secondary, but in most cases it is essential for the patient. (…) Our project contributes to changing the perception of prosthetics from a taboo subject into an object of everyday use, which allows one to express themselves, is aesthetically pleasing, and may become a fashionable part of their wardrobe. – explains Grzegorz Kosch, the CEO of Glaze Prosthetics.

In order to reach amputee patients around the globe, Glaze Prosthetics not only offers their products through their website, but also collaborates with prosthetic facilities in several countries including USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain. The cooperation allows the patients to get measured for their new prosthetics in person, so that their specifications can get saved on the company’s website. Afterwards, they’re able to order prosthetic in a variety of different styles without the need for later measurements.

As for the future, it looks brighter than ever: the Simpact Fund has just announced their investment in Glaze Prosthetics. A total sum of 1 million Zloty will go towards further development of the company, expanding its online platform, and entering further international markets. Market research has shown that the prosthetic market is open towards completely new, unprecedented functionalities of prostheses. (…) The Glaze team has set an ambitious goal to meet these goals, and we, as Simpact Fund, want to support them in their mission – stated Krzysztof Grochowski, the CEO of Simpact Fund.


Best of luck to both of the companies in their future endeavors! For more information about Glaze Prosthetics, feel free to check out their website.