I Love Crypto

October 23rd

Złote Tarasy

Złota 59

00-120 Warsaw, Poland


About the Event

By now, most of us are aware of the fact that blockchain stands for much more than just Bitcoin. Some of the biggest players of the tech industry such as Microsoft and IBM are staying ahead of the trend, and have started implementing the innovative ledger technology within their products. In case you’d like to follow suit, but you’re not quite sure about the practical use of the trend within your business, make sure to mark October 23rd on your calendar! The I Love Crypto conference is coming up, and it’s the perfect occasion to get a detailed look at the topic.


The conference will provide a real guided tour into the world of blockchain – guests can expect talks on topics such as the legal aspects of personalized tokens, implementing the distributed ledger technology within an existing business, machine learning within the world of cryptocurrencies, or ICO project analyses. I Love Crypto’s organizers aim to leave theorizing behind, and go straight to the practical stuff: in order to provide the event’s crowds with experience-based knowledge, they have carefully selected a group of 16 speakers who actively employ the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain within their companies. You can definitely expect to hear some war stories!


There’s also a slight twist to the event’s nature: the entire conference bases on the “smart contract” idea, and is completely gamified. In essence, I Love Crypto maintains full cost transparency which is supported by the ticket pool. Moreover, attendants will get a chance to vote for their favorite talks, and assign additional cash prizes to the best speakers.


I Love Crypto’s participants will also get a chance to meet with numerous companies who offer blockchain-based services. Tickets are available within two price tiers, with packages starting at 430 PLN. For more information about the agenda, feel free to head to I Love Crypto’s website!