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Bringing a project to the next level of business development can be a tough task to accomplish alone – with a limited budget typical for startups, most entrepreneurs simply cannot afford going in blind. Thankfully, the world out there is rich with a variety of acceleration programs, in which more experienced business entities offer a helping hand to the newcomers. Startberry – a brain-child of Senfino, Microsoft, and EY – has just announced their selection of companies which will get a chance to gain mentorship in the second round of their acceleration program right here in Warsaw.

The first edition of Startberry had taken 10 projects under its wing, ranging from innovative solutions in fields such as financial analytics or HR, to telemedicine. Each of the chosen startups then embarked on a quest to perfect not only their projects, but also their business models, and strategies for future business expansion. The year-long program resulted in a long list of success stories.  Our participation in Startberry’s acceleration over the past year has significantly affected the development of our business contact network. (…) We have completed implementations in several Polish banks, and companies from the energy industry. We have also expanded our offer beyond the Polish border – we have added a major implementation for a German company from the financial market to our record, and the collaboration with the experts and mentor from EY, Microsoft, and Senfino was crucial for its success.  – said Łukasz Skłodowski, CEO of Elastic Cloud Solutions, a participant in the first round of the program.

Startberry is a program designed for business ventures which have long outgrown their planning stage. The participating startups enter the program not with mere prototypes of their solutions – most of them have already had a chance to “test the waters”, and find their first clients. Cooperation with the program’s team of experts will ensure that their marketing strategy and development plan suits the needs of their chosen market, and prepare them for future international expansion.

This time around, Startberry’s team will mentor projects such as AdEmotion, which employs the use of AI tech in the creation of personalized, psychology-driven advertising; transportation management system specialists – frameLOGIC;  mobile photography slider developer InMotion; cyber defence innovators from Vector Synergy; and MedApp, whose device will enable patients to continuously monitor their ECG status. The program will also help accelerate the work of startups such as Nuadu – a data-driven personalized learning environment developer; Migam, which specializes in unraveling communication barriers between hearing and deaf people; IoT specialists from S-labs; the developers of a big data algorithm for medicine identification – Sertum; and last but not least – Vizum, whose work revolves around Smart City and Smart Building solutions. Overall, a rather diversified bunch!


Best of luck to the accepted startups!