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Plastic REcycle: Science Challenge Day

October 27th

Politechnika Wrocławska

Plac Grunwaldzki 11

Wrocław, Poland


About the Event

If there’s one global issue we need to solve as soon as possible, it’s our use of plastic. The material which once had revolutionized the way we live, dramatically increasing the convenience and accessibility of an unprecedented number of products we use every day, eventually became the main contributor to the global waste overflow. Over 40 percent of plastics goes towards single-use products, which then end up not just in our landfills, but also coastlines and oceans. The time to act is now, and the innovators and thinkers among can help. The Plastic REcycle Science Challenge Day is coming up in Wrocław, and it’s the perfect occasion to step up your eco-friendly initiative.

Hosted at Politechnika Wrocławska, the PLASTIC Science Challenge Day will gather innovators, scientists, and enthusiasts, who want to contribute their brain power towards solving the growing amount of plastic in our ecosystems. The organizers are looking for any innovators who want to propose any marketable alternatives to plastic packaging. The one-day innovation marathon will be a chance to present ideas, check their market potential, or even gain funding for mending the gap between a project and a business.

Participants will work in groups led by mentors who will help them formulate and perfect their projects. Apart from long brainstorming sessions, the groups will also take part in workshops on topics such as the relationship between R&D projects and a marketable business, or the importance of storytelling in project presentation. After a full day of work, all of the projects will be presented in front of a special jury, and one of the groups will emerge as a winner.

As for the prizes, helping the planet is not the only motivator here: the laureates will go home with a spot in the SciTech Fund Pre-Accelerator worth 10 thousand Euro, as well as a chance for further development of the presented idea, with funding of as much as 250 thousand Euro! It’s definitely worth a gamble.

For more information about the event, make sure to head to the event’s facebook page.