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After an unusually warm September, the temperatures finally seem to be catching up with the season, and this can only mean one thing: the issue of smog is back. While we still haven’t found one true solution to the problem, staying idle is the worst thing we can do. In an effort to educate the public about the severity of air pollution, as well as its long term effects, eurobank has just launched the second edition of their #WithoutSmog (#BezSmogu) program.

The bank’s project involves a network of 100 Airly-powered smog sensors placed in their facilities – the number has increased by 50 since the last year’s edition. By placing the sensors in over 50 cities across Poland, eurobank aims to raise awareness of the fact that air pollution is not an issue exclusive to metropolitan areas.

It is wrong to assume that smog that smog occurs only in large agglomerations. Therefore, as part of the #BezSmog campaign, we have also installed sensors in our facilities in smaller towns. Everybody should have access to current measurements because thanks to the awareness of the threat, you can protect yourself against its consequences. – explains Magdalena Sucharek, Managing Director of Euro Bank S.A. 

Air pollution has been a major issue in Poland for years. Reports from numerous health and environment organizations clearly show that things need to change, and fast. Additionally, last year’s report from the World Health Organization indicated that 72% of cities in Poland have exceeded air quality standards. Moreover, among the 50 most polluted cities listed in the report, as many as 36 were located in Poland.

These reports don’t just look bad – they’re a real indication of the severity of the situation, and the way it may affect us in the long run. According to the European Environment Agency, poor air quality contributes not only to the degradation of the natural environment, but can also cause serious health problems, ranging from respiratory conditions to cardiovascular diseases. As stated in the 2017 report regarding air quality in Europe, its polluted state contributes to as many as 47 thousand deaths per year in Poland alone.

Here’s to hoping that things only get better in the future! Meanwhile, it’s definitely wise to monitor the situation in your vicinity, and take appropriate precautions. If you’d like to check the air quality in your location, you can access the data gathered by the sensors here on Airly’s website.