Who doesn’t love online shopping? Splurging on a long-coveted item from the comfort of your own bed can be an effortless treat at the end of a stressful day. Thanks to a new implementation from PayU and Google Pay, the process will soon become even easier for Polish shoppers – the new service introduced by the pair will take store account creation off their hands, and unify the payment process across websites, applications, and devices.

The extended partnership with Google is a second move towards unified payment services PayU has taken this fall. At the end of September, the company introduced Apple Pay into their offer, with truly impressive results. The largely enthusiastic reaction from Polish clients motivated the company to follow the lead of unifying payment systems even further.

Mobile devices are responsible for over half of our internet traffic. – stresses Joanna Pieńkowska-Olczak, Country Manager of PayU Poland.  Increasing numbers of online stores have started treating this form of sales as the norm, and not just a fashionable trend. Although a large segment of customers may still not be fully satisfied with shopping through mobile devices, more than a half of our [online] shopping includes a part of the process done through a smartphone or a tablet.

The new service offered in Poland by PayU and Google Pay will enable customers to process their orders automatically, as long as their payment info remains saved in the Google Pay account – this can be done via the Google Pay app, or on the service’s website. Afterwards at the payment method stage, all it takes is finding the Google Pay logo under the PayU category, and confirming payment with the pre-entered card information. Best of all, the service can be accessed across a variety of devices, including those running on iOS.

Thanks to Google Pay, users in Poland and Europe no longer need to created accounts in every new application or website. Paying is easy and hassle-free, even at the client’s first visit. – explains Florence Diss, Head of EMEA Commerce Partnerships at Google. To ensure an impeccable security level of the whole operation, transactions may sporadically require authorization with the use of 3-D Secure, which requires the client to enter a unique token received via a text message.

PayU has prepared a variety of promotions for the launch of the service in Poland – for instance, clients who process five payments on different days can receive a 40 Zloty credit on the Google Pay platform. The company has also teased a few other promotional campaigns for the service to be unveiled later this month, so keep your ears open!

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