Blockchain Fiesta

November 16th


Dobrego Pasterza 128

Krakow, Poland


About the Event

If you’re still trying to hop on the productiveness train after the long weekend, we’ve got a last-minute idea which might help you get back on track. It comes in the form of three catchy words: Friday, Cracow, and BlockchainFiesta. The international event focused all around the financial world’s biggest trend is coming up, and you simply can’t miss it.

BlockchainFiesta aims to explore all of the ways in which blockchain and cryptocurrencies are changing the world as we know it. With an agenda filled with world-class blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, guests will gain an exclusive peek into the different strategies regarding blockchain implementation, its inner workings, and long-term results. Participants will also familiarize themselves with the leading trends of the industry, numerous exciting initiatives, and ways of turning blockchain mainstream.

Throughout a full day of conference talks, guests will have an opportunity to listen to blockchain experts such as Maike Gericke of Scrypt.Media, Anjalee Burr of RISE Blockchain, Dennis Van Der Vecht of 10Clouds, and Luno’s Magdalena Golebiewska. During the main stage portion of the event, TigerTrade’s Tanjila Islam will discuss the topic of democratizing global chain with blockchain, and Karol Przystalski of Codete GmbH will explore the facts and myths of machine learning within the context of blockchain.

But wait, there’s more! Apart from soaking up the knowledge from the best innovators in the field at the variety of conference talks, attendees will also get a chance to participate in Open Space Sessions. By including this segment in the middle of the event’s agenda, BlockchainFiesta’s organizers really made sure that every participant’s ideas get a moment to shine. During the sessions, guests will gain an opportunity to propose their own blockchain-related topics of discussion in order to exchange knowledge with others and explore new perspectives on the disruptive technology.

For more information about the event, make sure to check out BlockchainFiesta’s event page, which includes more details about the agenda, location, and tickets. And in case a last-minute trip to Cracow sounds like an impossible endeavor, but you’re still on a hunt for a large dose of fintech-related inspiration, make sure to join us in Łódź on November 28th and 29th for Impact fintech’18!