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You probably remember the Polish Development Fund (PFR), a group of institutions focused on supporting a sustainable social and economic development of Poland. Today, we wanted to tell you about the Industrial Development Agency JSC (ARP S.A.), a very important part of the PRF Group.

ARP S.A. supports the development of businesses, as well as the implementation of restructuring processes. It also offers financial or non-financial assistance in the implementation of projects. That might include access to Special Economic Zones, which are administered by ARP S.A., or facilitating cooperation between business partners.

But first and foremost, ARP S.A. stays abreast of all the new trends, such as Industry 4.0, robotisation, automation, digitalisation, AI and the Internet of Things. In Poland, the Agency aims to support especially those companies which see the emerging technologies as an imperative for change. They know it’s crucial not only to build a more and more advanced industry but also to maintain the competitive edge on the national and international scale.

“Our focus is specifically on companies facing limitations in obtaining commercial funding, which make it impossible for them to profit from national or world supply chains,” explains Konrad Trzonkowski Ph. D., Executive Director of Business Development at ARP S.A. “We want to be an investor that really inspires Polish companies to evolve.”

Thanks to ARP S.A.’s long experience and unique competencies on the Polish market, it offers a really unique approach to projects by recognising business opportunities in areas that others see as unattractive or too risky.