If one wanted to sum up the past two weeks of COP24 in a single thought, it would be this: we can no longer afford to hold off change. The move towards renewable energy sources is a crucial factor in ensuring a safe future for our ecosystem, and the time to act is now. Some of these changes, including business activities taken in support of a sustainable energy storage market, were just discussed in Warsaw at the New Energy New World conference organized by the Dutch lithium ion battery manufacturer Lithium Werks.

While science has taken great leaps in making our energy sources sustainable over the past decade, the implementation aspect of these technological advances still seems to hold us back. As stated in a report published by the Renewable Energy Institute back in 2005, energy sourced from renewable outlets accounted for merely 7% of all energy used nationwide. Meanwhile, the EU’s renewable energy directive sets the expected value to 20% by 2020 – reaching this target percentage on time will require us to considerably accelerate our pace of innovation. According to experts, doing so will not be possible without a reliable storage solution, and the best one seems to come in the form of lithium ion technology.

Industry experts at the New Energy New World have not only discussed the future trends bound to take over the energy market in the coming years, but also debated ways in which the Polish economy could benefit from a local battery plant – the kind which Lithium Werks is currently considering to construct here in the future. The Dutch company specializes in the development of lithium ion batteries the size of shipping containers, suitable for a variety of uses.

“The process of change demands a global approach.” – stated Kees Koolen, Chairman of the Board of Lithium Werks. “We want to be the first European company to build such a factory on the Old Continent.” Before making the long-term commitment, Lithium Werks has embarked on a search for potential partners for the project. The company has considered a wide variety of entities to aid them in the ambitious endeavor:  ranging from energy providers and regulators, to local universities which could educate its future staff members, or collaborate with the plant scientifically. “Only this way, thanks to the close cooperation of many entities operating in this market, we will be able to fully release the potential for energy change.” – added Koolen.

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