Sotrender is a Warsaw-based startup created by Jan Zajac, an experienced consultant and researcher with a Ph.D. in Social Psychology. When he wanted to begin mining social media for trends and helpful information he brought in CTO Paweł Kucharski, a big data freak and who built his own yacht and space craft(!!). Those talented guys decided not to go sailing or into space and instead hunted down and got funding from the Business Angel Seedfund and Inovo VC.

The company started as an internal project but quickly grew.

„We had experience in market research and run consulting company – good money, but difficult to scale. So we started to build software for social media marketers with easy interface and advanced data solutions inside,” said Zajac.

This resulted in Sotrender, a tool made by data people but designed for marketers and not analysts. Reporting and benchmarking are automated which means one click is enough to get beautiful and informative reports. Instead of getting pure data you also obtain interpretation and data-driven tips relevant to your business.

Everything you need is in one user-friendly panel. Sotrender allows you to check all aspects of social media measurement: reach, engagement, audience, content, customer service and admin activities. They employ more than 300 advanced data-mining algorithms to analyse your data along with thousands of other profiles to suggest improvements. Sotrender allows you to check the impact of your post. You can see which type of posts are attractive and which go unnoticed by social media users. What’s more, you can get useful information on your subscibers such as demographic data or behahioral segmentation.

There are loads of interesting things you can get through Sotrender. Need to create a professional report? Sotrender presents numbers, figures, and insights in a clear and customisable way. You can choose the scope, period and other relevant factors in order to get exactly the report you need. What’s more you can track your competition and perform industry benchmarking. After all, it’s best to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

Sotrander has over 300 corporate and agency clients with over 900 daily users. It’s growing on a weekly basis, which isn’t surprising for a social-media focused analytics play, and things are looking positive for the little data analytics company created by a business manager and an astrophysicist.