A strong economic center

When it comes to economic development Małopolska is one of the most dynamically developing regions – not only in Poland, but in Europe. It is here that companies known around the country and around the world (including: Maspex, Comarch, Fakro, Vistula, Newag, Oknoplast, Wiśniowski, 4F, grupa Azoty and Wojas) were established and do business. They are evidence of the position our voivodeship has established – not only locally, but also internationally. Among the companies that have chosen Krakow for their headquarters are names like: HSBC, IBM, CISCO, MOTOROLA, Shell, HUAWEI, Man or Mabuchi Motor. Thanks to its developed communication systems as well as strategic location – in the center of Europe – Małopolska a frequent destination for meeting related to business and the economy. This just proving the fact that it’s the ideal place to develop your business.

An attractive region to invest in

Małopolska is a region that’s open for business and entrepreneur-friendly. Around 10 thous. new companies are launched in the voivodeship each year – many of them dynamic tech startups.

A constant drive to carry out the voivodeship’s development strategy, cooperation between representative of the local government officials within the scientific, academic and business communities not to mention access to modern R&D infrastructures, economic stability, a wide range of real estate options and high standards of living – it’s these things combined that form the identity of our Region and make it unique. These things are further proven by the high spots that Małopolska occupies, in various investment rankings, on an annual basis.

In looking to strengthen its position – local and international – Małopolska places an emphasis on intelligent and sustainable development. This is particularly well exemplified in the favorable condition provided for companies doing business in industries which are considered a priority i.e. IT i ICT, chemical technology, sustainable energy, biotechnology or lifescience.

Providing support in areas which have the best potential for future development makes Małopolska a more competitive and attractive region for future investment.

A well developed transportation infrastructure

Małopolska is a region that’s well connected – not only with the rest of the country, but also the entire world. The region features an extremely well developed transport infrastructure – including a 672 km stretch, the longest in Poland, of the A4 highway and the main transit corridor to Eastern Europe – CORRIDOR III. Also located in Małopolska is Krakow Airport – the second largest airport in Poland when it comes to passenger volume is a favorite among not only tourists, but also entrepreneurs (in 2019 as many as 8.4 passengers checked in at the site).

An attractive tourist destination

Małopolska is one of the most attractive regions for tourists in Poland and also the most frequently visited – by people from around the country and around the world. Gorgeous landscapes, unique wildlife, an astonishing 14 UNESCO world heritage sites, and a unique atmosphere – these are just some of the reasons why our region is visited by several million tourists – from Poland and around the world – annually. This is also why Małopolska has a long-standing top spot on the list of Poland’s most popular regions among tourists.

A strong center for academia, research and development

Małopolska is the second largest academic center in Poland. It’s home to 29 universities which provide education to as many as 160 thous. students. These colleges have learned to adapt to changing circumstances on the job market – currently offering degrees in intriguing fields such as biotechnology, IT & telecommunications, chemical technologies, materials engineering, design, economics, finances and accounting, management and marketing and theology. This translates into the large numbers of educated, skilled employees that reside in the Małopolska region.

Hundreds of research and development institutes function in the Małopolska region, not to mention several cluster-type initiatives including the LifeScience Cluster and Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster – which have obtained the status of Key National Clusters. Małopolska is also filled with technology and infrastructural parks that aid investment i.e. Krakow Technology Park. Featuring over 200 centers providing services targeting business users – in areas like IT, R&D, BPO, SCC – Krakow is second only to Warsaw in terms of number of such centers among Polish cities. It is also the leader when it comes to employment – the BPO (business process outsourcing), SSC (shared service centers), IT (information technology), and R&D (research and development) centers there employee 90 thous. people.

Małopolska is also a great place to live, with it wealth of cultural attractions and limitless options for active recreation make it a unique region. Małopolska is a place where tradition, history and culture combine with inventiveness. It’s a great place to live and to run a business.

Małopolska – IT’S WORTH IT!