Fintech: disrupting the economy

A revolution in financial services is happening right before our eyes. The increasing popularity of contactless payments, decreasing amount of cash transactions, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency exchanges – these are just a few of the many challenges currently facing the financial services industry.
Technological progress requires changes in the solutions we offer, way we provide customer service and speed at which the market is regulated. Is the market is ready to take on the developments that are about to come? Which way should we guide the world of digital finance?
The upcoming Impact fintech’18 congress will offer a chance to discuss and analyze the latest trends: allowing participants to, together, create this new financial market. On November 28th and 29th, at the Wytwornia in Łodzi, the world’s most renowned financial institutions, international experts, the startup community, academia, entrepreneurs and public administrators are meeting to discuss the future of the fintech industry in Poland and around the world.

Thematic tracks of the Congress:

banking’s future
Explore banking’s future focused on new open platforms, cloud computing, technologies like AI, biometrics and many more.

legal & regulatory
Gain valuable insight on the key regulatory developments and the approaches to balance consumer protection with disruptive financial innovation.

blockchain & cryptocurrencies
Analyse the practical applications of blockchain, including its use by the leading world banks in attracting a cryptocurrency ecosystem and experiments being undertaken in innovation labs.

Examine the current key trends in the insurance industry, including insurance telemetrics, usage based insurance and application of AI, that are transforming the way we acquire our insurance policies and more.

retail & commerce
Take a closer look on emerging commerce models and financial solutions that will enable them, such as omnichannel retail, next generation point-of-sale and the IoT.

Learn about at the most influential technologies and trends for transferring the value, including mobile and digital wallets, P2P and real-time payments.

alternative lending & finance
Learn about the diverse trends, technologies and services available on the market – from peer-to-peer lending, third party invoice trading platforms to reward-based and equity crowdfunding platforms.

cybersecurity & fraud
Discover how algorithm- -based technology, AI, machine learning and biometrics are assisting in the automation process and reducing losses related to fraud.

entrepreneurship & investments
Watch revolutionary startups, iconic corporates and savvy investors who are disrupting the status quo and introducing new investment trends and hotspots while successfully scaling their products.

AI, data & algorithm based innovation
Explore how AI can be used to solve complex problems in finance and commerce and how it translates into a real competitive advantage.

Impact fintech’18 by the numbers:

3 stages: Next Space, Inspire Space, Catalyst Space

+ 2000 attendees
+ 150 speakers from around the world
+ 100 partners

10 thematic tracks 9 side activities



Public Administration: