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Impact’20 – changes resulting from COVID-19

We have been inspiring – showing you the ways in which digitalisation and new business models are reshaping not only the economy but society as a whole – for several years. This year, as a result of the health-related conditions in Poland and around the world, we have decided to change our plans. On June 3rd we’ll be organizing Impact re:action connected by Krakow – an online event offering participation to everyone who wants to join us. That will be followed – on October 27th and 28th – by Impact’20 Connected Edition which will take place in the GZM Metropolis and take us back to Katowice.

Everyone’s day-to-day lives have changed in a matter of moments and we are trying to find ourselves in what is a whole new world. In these difficult times, inspiration and cooperation – a search for solutions in many basic areas of the economy and our daily lives – has become more essential than ever. Impact re:action connected by Krakow offers 2 hours of live action and access to on-demand content as well as opportunity for discussion. Find out more>>

We believe that the current health-related issues in Poland and around the world will improve and that, in the autumn, we’ll meet in Katowice. Impact’20 Connected Edition will combine two of the events we had previously planned: Impact’20 Edition 5.0 & Impact energy&mobility’20. This will however be much more than just a standard mix of the two: expect a response to the latest social and economic changes – with participant health being our #1 production concern. We are cooperating with the largest event organizers – in Poland and around the world – to provide the highest level of safety available. More details will follow in the coming days.

Registration information

Be among the first to know when registration for Impact re:action connected by Krakow starts – keep an eye on our newsletter and social media channels! Participation in the event is free of charge. If you have already registered for Impact’20 – you will automatically gain access to Impact’20 Connected Edition in October. Those who have paid for their passes will get a valid Impact’20 Connected Edition pass or receive a refund.

In case of any questions please contact us at:

Thank you to our partners

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the partners, participants and speakers who have been part of Impact over the years. Your support in our efforts and constant inspiration has been invaluable – especially in these trying times. We wish you health and unrelenting faith in a better tomorrow.

The ImpactCEE Team