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The Internet is just beginning: 30 years of the world wide web in Poland

To celebrate 30 years of the Internet in Poland, we invite you on a journey across 20+ important moments, processes and issues that have shaped and continue to shape the world wide web in Poland.

Our key points includes:

  • remembering the important moments in the development of the web in Poland
  • looking back at some of the companies, products and solutions that played and important part in the development of the Polish Internet
  • describing the new, digital world order and Poland’s place on that map
  • pointing out possible directions for development of the Polish web over the next 30 years…and what the next century has in store

Examples of subjects:

  • Symbols of the digital transformation: Google Polska, Allegro, Gadu-Gadu, Gog.com… as well as the game Doom and Top-Secret magazine
  • Digitalisation of Polish habits: the first online bank accounts, ePuap profiles, automatic filing of tax returns
  • The precedents just keep on coming or the Impact of GDPR on the Internet
  • Digital world order or how will the USA-China rivalry change the Internet
  • A touch of philosophy or what would Martin Heidegger write today about ‘Being and the Internet’.
Author: Grzegorz Lewicki, 300Research
Partners: Impact, Allegro, PayU, Google, Wirtualna Polska

Eco-friendly reporting & the market

  • The situation in Poland and around the world – why is ESG standard in most places around the world, but not that popular in Poland?
  • From shareholders value to ESG – an evolution in the way companies are managed from the 1980’s till today
  • The current state of ESG – recommendations of GRI, UN PRI and other methodologies for assessing ESG in companies.
  • What are the most important problems? i.e. lack of transparency, green washing, etc.
  • A description of the package that the Sustainable Finance Commision is offering as a response to these problems.
  • How ESG relates to the Green Deal and EU Recovery Plan
  • Summary/recommendations
Authors: Michał Dorociak, 300Research
Partners: PGE Energia Odnawialna, KGHM, Impact

Are we in for a flood of garbage?

This report deals with the balance of waste in Poland as well as Europe and describes problems related to sorting waste in urban areas. Based on this analysis the authors of the report arrive at recommendations related to waste management.
Andrzej Jarząbek,
Adam Juszczak,
Aleksander Szpor, PIE;
Magdalena Maj, PIE

Social Responsibility of Universities

The report outlines the need for understanding and implementation social responsibility of conducting scientific and research activities. It presents science in a broader sense, which should act to improve living conditions, promote ideas and philosophy, the materialization of which brings all members of society closer to freedom and the possibility of unhindered realization of their vocation. In the report, among others: on Ethics as a starting point in building social responsibility of science, social responsibility of universities during the pandemic, as well as universities in Poland.

Authors: Maryjka Szurowska, 300Research
Partners: Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Impact

How to do FinTech in Poland. A Guide on the leading FinTech hub in CEE for global FinTech players

This guide is the first of its kind being published in English and targeting an international audience and promoting Poland’s financial-services ecosystem as a

key next-generation center for the financial industry in this part of the world – as well as gateway to the EU for financial entities from outside that community.


Structure of the Guide:

  • Ecosystem – a discussion about the Polish economy and its potential, key characteristics of the financial industry, segments of the market/technologies/skills which are particularly lucrative,
  • Regulations – an overview of regulations, competencies of particular regulatory and supervisory organs and requirements for FinTech industry players wanting to do business,
  • Poland’s FinTech industry – a detailed map of Poland’s FinTech Industry including specific market segments and success stories.


Authors: Fintech Poland, KNF, PAIH
Partners: Mastercard Advisors, PKO Bank Polski, Bird&Bird, Alior Bank, cashless.pl, fintek.pl, Regulation Center of  Financial Services and Technologies – Faculty of Law and Administration Warsaw University

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