czwartek, 26 listopada 12:00 - 12:45

Cyber state of mind – workshop

Each of us is fed up with the topic of the pandemic. However, it has brought us something positive, i.e. a much-accelerated shift of many aspects of life to digital. Unfortunately, together with it, we had to deal with an increased number of cyber-attacks. Now there is an open discussion on how to protect ourselves from them. Therefore, we would like to invite you to the Mastercard workshop as a part of the upcoming Impact Finance’20 on Cybersecurity, where we will talk about: How far account takeover becomes a serious threat and how should one protect against it? How to understand the threats that may result from poor integration with external services and poor management of internet exposure? The workshop will be held on November 26th at 12:00 – 12:45 and will be led by Steven Brown, Mastercard’s European lead for Cyber Security products and services. Steve is responsible for implementation and integration of Mastercard’s Cyber Security Framework including data breach detection and cyber risk assessment technologies and capabilities across all related stakeholders including consumers, issuers, acquirers and merchants. In a role of moderator of the workshop will be Aleksander Naganowski, Vice President, Digital Business Development at Mastercard. Wondering how to protect your company’s or personal data from cyber-attacks? You can’t miss this!

czwartek, 26 listopada 14:30 - 16:00

Fundamentals of green issuance & impact investing.

Workshop on ‘Fundamentals of Green Issuance & Impact Investing’ (in English) will be a great opportunity to discuss what is ahead of the financial market in terms of regulations related to sustainable finance and how to prepare for that. Why is it worth to issue green and other type of bonds? What will stimulate the development of green bonds market in Poland?
Join top class experts from Climate Bonds Initiative, London Stock Exchange Group, HSBC bank and The Polish Institute of Responsible Finance to hear international, UK and Polish perspective on 26 November 14.30-16.00.