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Global Reset & Banking

Cloud Solutions, Emerging Tech & Security

Payments &
Future Commerce

Sustainable Finance
& Social Impact

Tech Talent, Innovation
& Investment

Global Reset & Banking

  • Facing global challenges: the ongoing effects of the pandemic, climate change movements, regulatory burdens and the growing need to implement technological innovation
  • The role of financial institutions in ensuring the financial stability of the system and further development of the economy in Poland
  • State of the economy – macro and micro trends
  • The roadmap for banking transformation – top three industry challenges for 2021
  • How to adapt business models to the changing needs of clients?
  • From Open Banking to Open X?
  • Five ways banks can support a climate-friendly transformation
  • How should banks navigate the waters in times of geopolitical uncertainty and constant regulation?

Cloud Solutions, Emerging Tech & Security

  • A holistic look at the key technologies shaping the future of finance: leading use cases from around the world and the secret to their local implementation
  • Three tech priorities for 2021. Are we equipped for the future?
  • Combining technologies: the interplay of AI, cloud, 5G and machine learning. How can these technologies work together to create future opportunities?
  • Foundational digital infrastructures to support national digital strategies in a post pandemic world: digital identity and trusted data exchange. Use cases
  • The changing cybersecurity needs in a post-pandemic world. New strategies and best practices
  • Powering data in the cloud. How will cloud banking look?

Payments & Future Commerce

  • Customer experience as a Holy Grail of retail: redefining customer needs, journey, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Touchless retail: robotics and automation as key drivers minimalizing human intervention in a purchasing and delivery processes
  • Logistics and omnichannel supply chain excellence – digitalisation, shortening the supply chain, DTC and contactless deliveries
  • Consumer analytics and personalisation. How to be more competitive?
  • Store of the future: self-service as a key trend for 2021
  • Sustainability and consumer awareness
  • Data driven marketing: what are the tools needed to optimize advertising campaigns, customer acquisition and retention?
  • Future of cashless payments in a post pandemic world. Case studies on the impact on the economic growth
  • Experimental technologies creating frictionless, connected commerce payments

Sustainable Finance & Social Impact

  • Low-carbon and sustainable economy: the role of the financial industry
  • Implementation of the UN climate policies and the European green deal policy and the role of the banking sector in managing capital flows and stabilizing investment processes
  • Green finance and banking tools and their impact on the transformation of the energy sector
  • Green securitization as a capital mobilization technique for the transformation towards a low-carbon economy
  • Digital innovations and technologies to be applied to make finance more sustainable. Global use cases and digital financial products
  • Impact investing: sustainable investment models

Tech Talent, Innovation & Investment

  • The skills gaps over the next decade and the future of work. What are the industry needs?
  • Human capital: national level response to upskilling and reskilling the financial industry workforce
  • Investor priorities: impact of pandemic on fintech valuations and investments. What to look for in 2021?
  • Founder strategies and tactics for survival and growth
  • Looking for fintech investment hotspots: fintech by segment and the winning and losing categories
  • Capital markets and cross-border investments
  • Transformative potential: enhancing cooperation between incumbents and new market entrants. Examples of success and failure