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Sustainable impact

Impact is focused on analyzing social and economic changes - those happening now and the ones that are around the corner. We understand that the future isn’t just about us, it is also about securing a better life for future generations. Part of that process is the idea of sustainable development which combines three elements: progress of society, respect for the environment and economic growth. In addition to inspiring speeches on stage and interesting discussions - during Impact'23 - we will ACT to maximize the use of available technologies and materials while reducing the economic and social costs they generate.

More trees

One tree absorbs 6 to 10 kg of CO2 annually and one hectare of pine forest is equivalent to the annual emissions of four passenger cars.

That’s why, as part of Impact’23, we decided to give you the option of adding an additional fee to every pass you purchase. That amount will be used to plant a tree. This way every participant will be able to reduce the carbon footprint they generate during the event.

Less fumes

Impact’23 will take place in the heart of Poznań making it easy to get to the event from, for example, Poznań Główny train station. We encourage you to use public transportation or a taxi powered by an eco-friendly engine, especially if you manage to share it with other Impact participants.

Less paper

We have also decided to reduce the amount of printed information and promotional materials available at the event to an absolute minimum.

All information about the speeches and other activities as well as attractions taking place at Impact’23 will be made available in real time via the Impact app – which you can download from the App Store and Google Play.

Less trash

Most of the items around us are made of plastic, metal, glass or paper. Recycling waste means the use of less water and energy and reduces emissions of harmful gasses – thus helping protect the environment. Segregated plastics become valuable raw materials that, when recycled, gain a second life. That’s why all waste at Impact’23 will be fully sorted.

Less energy consumed

Impact’23 will use LED lighting which consumes 80% less energy than traditional solutions while generating the same level of brightness. LED bulbs also last longer and need to be replaced less often – thus reducing the amount of waste they generate.

Greater awareness

More efficient processing of waste and use of raw materials are issues on which the future of not only the global economy, more importantly society as a whole, depends. That’s why a number of startups responsible for breakthrough solutions that will help better protect the environment and fight climate change more effectively will be present at Impact’23.

There will also be a special educational zone at the event where attendees will be able to get information on the sustainable solutions presented and used during Impact’23. Here they will also learn how they can reduce their own carbon footprint – not only generated during the event, but also in their everyday lives.

Impact’23 – A reusable event

We are convinced that the ideas and solutions presented at Impact’23 will inspire further action and leave participants looking forward to the next edition. This thought was in the back of our minds as we selected the materials that will form our visual backdrop on May 10th and 11th, 2023.

The set design used during Impact’23 will be made so that it can be easily reused – with the waste it and the promotional materials generate being easily upcycled.

We also encourage all Impact’23 Partners, who will be presenting their products/services at the event, to use eco-friendly solutions and reusable materials whenever possible.

Impact’23 – bringing sustainability to the table

While we remain optimistic about the future of sustainability there is still a lot of work to be done – and that includes what we bring to table. There will be no disposable dishes, cutlery or plastic bottles at Impact’23.

In addition, all caterers serving Impact’23 will be required to use organic and locally sourced products – ultimately, more than 90% of the dishes served at the event will be based on seasonal produce – helping not only to reduce our carbon footprint, but also to support local communities.

Switching to a diet that relies more on plant-based products could reduce environmental costs such as water pollution, deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why the only place you’ll see a lot of red at Impact’23 is on stage.
That means there will be no red meat on the table and more than 50% of the foods served at the event will be vegetarian.

Since zero waste also applies in our kitchen – any leftover food will be donated to appropriate organizations selected by Impact.

We hope that Impact’23 will leave participants excited about taking part in future editions of the event. It will certainly be an opportunity to get a fresh dose of inspiration and see some familiar faces – surrounded by materials that will gain a second life through reusability.