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Sanna Marin at Impact’24. The former Prime Minister of Finland will come to Poland in May. The Ex-PM of the world’s most competitive country is writing a book and advising organizations as well as country leaders. In May Sanna Marin will appear at Impact’24 in Poznan!

In 2019, as a 34-year-old, Sanna Marin took office as Prime Minister of Finland. That led to a media explosion – she appeared on the cover of Time, the British edition of Vogue did an extensive piece on her and Bild recognized her as being the world’s coolest PM.  After four years in office, it turned out that it wasn’t just the Prime Minister but the entire country that was cool. In terms of economics, education, society and sustainability – the four pillars of a competitive state – no country can match Finland. That’s according to a report by the consulting organization Eight International, cited by Gazeta Wyborcza. What’s more, according to data from the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN), Finland also has the happiest citizens in the world.

What is the secret to Finland’s success? Sanna Marin will share her experience at Impact’24.

Sanna Marin stepped down as head of the Finnish government in April 2023, after her party, the left-wing SDP, lost the elections. Although she didn’t have to, she also resigned from her position as leader of the Social Democratic party and gave up her seat in parliament. In September, she joined Tony Blair’s Institute for Global Change as a Strategic Advisor. There she provides expertise on issues related to politics, management, climate change, gender equality and technology. “Our mission is to help political leaders worldwide deliver change for their people — and Sanna Marin knows exactly how to do that,” said Tony Blair in a statement. It’s true, Finland handled the Covid-19 pandemic in an exemplary manner, emerging from it with the lowest mortality rate in the European Union, low unemployment and single-digit inflation. After Russia invaded Ukraine Ms. Marin was also able to quickly make Finland’s membership in NATO a reality. Other priorities of her government included sustainable economic and social development, achieving carbon neutrality by 2035 and leveling the playing field when it comes to access to education. The former Prime Minister has recently been appearing, as keynote speaker, at various international events. On May 15-16 Sanna Marin will be part of Impact’24 – the largest event focused on business and innovation in Central Eastern Europe.Sanna Marin is writing a book as the voice of millennials and Generation Z

In November, the Finnish daily Ilta-Sanomat announced that Sanna Marin is working on a book titled: Our Turn: Fearless Leadership for a New Generation. Given her government’s priorities – sustainable economic and social development as well as achieving climate neutrality – she is the perfect person to share the views of the young. During her tenure as PM Sanna Marin has also supported migration policies, extended paternity leave to six months, and narrowed the wage gap between men and women. In effect Finland has achieved a top spot on yet another list – a country where women are happiest. During her time as head of government she also devoted a great deal of her energy to providing equal access to high-quality education. As a result, Finnish kids are not only among the smartest but also the happiest in the world.  This investment will no doubt pay dividends in the form of faster technological development, more economic growth and greater prosperity for her country. Will Sanna Marin’s appearance at Impact’24 change the way we approach education in Poland? Let’s hope so!

Sanna Marin: Prime Minister, dancer, not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Sanna Marin’s left-wing views did not come out of nowhere. She grew up in a middle class, same-sex family. As a young adult she had to earn extra money and after graduating from high school she worked at a supermarket. Estonian conservative politician Mart Helme made malicious comments about this fact, saying that

a grocery-store cashier had taken over the government in Finland. Ms. Marin responded to him by tweeting that she was “proud of a country where a child from a poor family can become Prime Minister.” Besides, what’s wrong with being a cashier?  – In every position I’ve ever been in, my gender has always been the starting point – that I’m a young woman,” she said in an interview for Vogue.

The most criticism descended on Sanna Marin after photos of her partying with friends at a government residence were made public. Does a woman in high office have the right to party like that? – the public asked. I was dancing, singing, partying…doing totally legal things. I have a family life, I have a work life and I have free time to spend with my friends. Pretty much the same as many people my age, she said, stressing that she may not be like the stereotypical heads of state that came before her. Finnish women rallied behind Ms. Marin, posting photos of themselves dancing on social media featuring hashtags expressing solidarity with Sanna. Women from other countries quickly joined in. Perhaps it’s time to change the stereotype? Maybe its time for new leadership?

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