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This set of books includes four titles authored by Impact’24 speakers – Ivan Krastev, Jason Stanley, Gaia Vince and Sergei Medvedev. It is a must read for anyone looking for accurate and comprehensive descriptions of the complex world which we live in.

As part of Impact’s collaboration with the Krytyka Polityczna publishing house an “Impact Series” was created. It features four titles written by Impact’24 speakers – The Light That Went Out. Why the West Is Losing the Fight for Democracy (by Ivan Krastev), How Fascism Works (by Jason Stanley), A War Made in Russia (by Sergei Medvedev) and Nomad Century (by Gaia Vince). These books were not randomly chosen. They are intended to supplement each other and – together – tell a comprehensive story. They not only point out the critical issues and threats faced by the world today, they also provide solutions to the most challenging problems.

Has the West Deceived Us?

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Central European countries embarked on a process of democratic and free-market reforms, hoping, one day, to “catch up” to the West in terms of economic development. But this path turned out to be full of potholes and dead ends. 

The citizens of Central Europe are therefore asking why not everyone has benefited equally from democracy. They are looking for someone to blame. Politicians are responding with xenophobic language, populist solutions and even autocratic methods of governance. According to the Financial Times The Light That Went Out. Why the West Is Losing the Fight for Democracy, by Ivan Krastev and Steven Holmes, was one of the most important books of 2020. It is a brilliant analysis of the changes that have taken place over the last thirty years. Its authors argue that the crisis of liberal politics, which we are observing in our part of Europe, is not solely an eastern phenomenon. Rather it is part of a global process.

Is Fascism a Threat?

Jason Stanley’s book: How Fascism Works comes out just as we are dealing with the political consequences resulting from a rapid spread of xenophobic populism. Its author – a Professor of Philosophy at Yale University – presents ten basic principles of fascism in politics and proves that nations do not have to be fascist to promote and practice fascist politics. He also shows what a danger it can be to mythologize one’s own past, to make widespread use of propaganda or dismiss the findings of university experts by using

War Made in Russia

What will be Putin’s next move? That question has remained on the cover of magazines and newspapers for quite some time and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Sergei Medvedev’s book: A War Made in Russia is a must read for anyone trying to understand the mentality of the country’s people and its dictator. It is one of the most insightful and fascinating studies of the Russian state and society to be published since the war in Ukraine began. Mr. Medvedev – an expatriate and Professor of Political Science – believes that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine wasn’t something he did on a whim or because of a personal obsession. Instead it is the result of two decades of authoritarian degradation and post-imperial sentiment stemming from Russia presenting itself as a superpower for centuries. Victory in Ukraine is intended to be the most important accomplishment of Putin’s reign. In reality, however, it has been consumed from within by a “cancer” of slavery, corruption, tyranny, lies and cruelty. “Violence has taken over the state and will inevitably bring it down,” the author believes.

Nomad Century and Climate Migration

Something is happening that will change our planet in a big way. Over the next fifty years rising temperatures combined with increasing humidity will make large parts of the Earth – currently inhabited by 3.5 billion people – unlivable. A huge population is already being forced to look for new homes. Globally the number of migrants has doubled over the past decade. Gaia Vince, the author of Nomad Century, believes that we can still prevent the extinction of our species. Survival will require, among other things, developing a well thought out plan for migration. In Nomad Century Ms. Vince clearly and candidly describes the various facets of what is about to happen. She also provides specific solutions that will help us avoid  catastrophe and – as a civilisation – survive. 


The Impact Series by Krytyka Politiczna is part of the publishing house’s existing strategy which, since 2007, has been based on familiarizing Polish readers with the most important works on topics such as philosophy, economics, history, political science as well as art and culture. Many of the titles published by Krytyka Polityczna are bestsellers and have frequently had a significant impact on public debate in Poland.

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