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Can women change the world? Do all girls believe they can be math geniuses, break ciphers or create programing codes and other new technologies that can have a real, positive impact on the future? At an exhibit that’s going to be part of Impact’24 we’re going to have a chance to meet a few people who believe that this is true.

SZYFRODZIEWCZYNY Centrum Szyfrów Enigma w Poznaniu fot. Łukasz Gdak

On May 15th-16, during Impact’24, the Enigma Cipher Center will present “CIPHER GIRLS”. This exhibit is intended to build awareness and spread knowledge about the intellectual contribution made by women to fields like mathematics and computer science – which cryptology is part of. When they visit the exhibition, Impact’24 attendees will have the opportunity to meet inspiring female mathematicians, ciphers and programmers from Poland, as well as female inventors and pioneers of new technologies from around the world!

The “CIPHER GIRLS” exhibit is part of a broad educational and cultural program being carried out by the Enigma Cipher Center. Its objective is to “fill the gaps” in public knowledge about the role of women in historically important scientific discoveries and the development of digital technology.

The design of the exhibit being presented at Impact’24 is inspired by Judy Chicago’s iconic feminist work: “The Dinner Party.” It is intended to be a space where knowledge is exchanged, insights are shared and best practices are presented.

The exhibition is sure to generate interest among all Impact’24 attendees but – first and foremost – hopes to reach young girls and women building careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), as well as their future mentors and mentees.

Breakfast with the Cipher Girls and an Edit-a-thon hosted by the Enigma Cipher Center at Impact’24

Two special events will be held during the exhibition. The first is a “herstorical” Breakfast with Cipher Girls being organized by the Enigma Cipher Center and the Museum of Women’s History Foundation. It is scheduled for May 15th. The event will be attended by female scientists and herstorians, who will discuss the modern challenges faced by women in areas related to mathematics, science and the latest technologies, such as AI.

During the second day of Impact’24, as part of the Cipher Girls exhibit, the Enigma Cipher Center, in cooperation with Wikimedia Poland, will launch an edit-a-thon. During this event participants will be able to actively help create a Wikipedia entry about the Cipher Girls.

In addition the exhibition prepared by the Enigma Cipher Center will feature replicas of the German Enigma cipher machine and the so-called “Cryptologic Bomb” developed by Marian Rejewski which was able to successfully break German Enigma-machine ciphers.

SZYFRODZIEWCZYNY Centrum Szyfrów Enigma w Poznaniu fot. Łukasz Gdak

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