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Impact’24 Speakers are internationally respected experts. During the event their books will be available for purchase at the Impact Bookstore where authors will also be signing copies.

One of the things that makes Impact different from other conferences of its kind is a unique combination of content. At Impact you can do a lot more than just watch and listen to prominent experts and intellectuals live, you can also buy their books at the Impact Bookstore which will be operating throughout the event. 

This year the Impact Bookstore will feature a selection of nearly 60 inspiring titles on topics that include: artificial intelligence, geopolitics, mental health, history and journalism. Each title addresses and analyzes important issues that will shape the present and future in terms of economic as well as social change. Many of their authors will appear on stage at Impact’24 and some have already confirmed face-to-face book signings with readers.

It will be possible to get copies of books with dedications from the likes of Ivan Krastev, Timothy Snyder, Jason Stanley, Martyna Wojciechowska, Alexander Kwasniewski, Chris Bailey, Marta Niedzwiedzka, Justyna Kopinska or Michal Rusinek – the latter of who will host an open workshop on the power of speech during the event.

 Artificial intelligence, real infidelity, and hope for Freud

This year, Impact is a content partner of many different books published by various entities. Power and Prediction. The Disruptive Economics of Artificial Intelligence by Avi Goldfarb, Ajay Agrawal, and Joshua Gans – (published by: Wydawnictwo Poznańskie) is a valuable read for every business leader. It explains how a company can make the most of the upcoming AI revolution. The State of Affairs. Rethinking Infidelityby Esther Perel –  (published by: Znak) answers the questions: why people are unfaithful, even when they are in happy relationships, and whether being unfaithful means the end of a relationship. The world’s most famous couple’s psychotherapist not only gives reliable answers but analyzes what defines betrayal in a world of smartphones, Tinder and Instagram.  How to Calm the Mind? – by Chris Bailey – (published by: Wydawnictwo Kobiece) is a guide to living a more productive and aware life. The last of Impact’s recommended books is Saving Freud: The Rescuers Who Brought Him to Freedom – by Andrew Nagorski – (published by Rebis) is the true, drama-filled story of Sigmund Freud’s escape from Vienna to London, just after the Anschluss in Austria, and the story of the group of friends who made it possible.

How has the West disappointed us and is fascism a threat?

In cooperation with Impact, Krytyka Polityczna Publishing has released the “Impact Series” which consists of four titles by four of the event’s speakers. The series is intended to tell a complimentary story about the modern world, providing an in-depth analysis of the reality we live in. The Light That Failed: Why the West Is Losing the Fight for Democracy by Ivan Krastev and Steven Holmes – is a brilliant analysis of the changes that have taken place over the past thirty years. According to its authors, the crisis of liberal politics which we can currently observe in our part of Europe is a global phenomenon – not solely an “Eastern” problem. How Fascism Works? – by Jason Stanley – presents ten basic principles of fascism in politics. The author writes about the dangers that can arise from mythologizing one’s own past, using the language of propaganda or anti-intellectualism. Sergei Medvedev’s A War Made in Russia proves that declaring war on Ukraine was not something Putin did on a whim or obsession, but the result of two decades of authoritarian degradation, post-imperial sentiment and Russia’s long history of imperialism. Nomad Century by Gaia Vince – presents a picture of the world we are creating as a result 

of global warming and gives suggestions on how to prepare for climate migration.

More about the Impact Series, published by Krytyka Polityczna, in our next post…stay tuned!

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