Banking Transformation

Banking as we’ll know it

What we'll be talking about

  • The roadmap for banking transformation – top six industry challenges for 2020
  • What does Facebook’s new currency means for the banking system? Should banks worry about losing business to the libra?
  • Near-term profitability in the industry vs global economy and digitalization
  • How should banks navigate the waters in times of geopolitical uncertainty and constant regulation?
  • Five ways banks can support a climate-friendly transformation
  • Tech giants and their bid to shake up the finance industry? How can incumbents stay proactive?
  • Banking techpreneurs – who are they?
  • Powering data in the cloud. How will cloud banking look?

Who should come

Looking for the latest real-life examples of how the banking industry is changing? Representatives of incumbent financial institutions, challenger banks, tech giants, techpreneurs, fintechs, payment innovators, venture capital funds and regulators – you’ve got to be there!


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