Regulation & Regtech

Clearing up blurred line!

What we'll be talking about

  • A global view of regulatory initiatives: the next steps in creating a cohesive regulatory framework designed to protect consumer interests and economic stability. How to find a balance?
  • The rise of SupTech: a win-win for financial market regulation
  • How do rule-makers keep up with new tech and business models and how to boost the speed and accuracy of regulatory reporting?
  • Compliance: how to work with it efficiently and cost-effectively? Case study
  • Should we already be thinking of PSD3?
  • Most recent and upcoming regulatory changes: what impact will they have on the fintech industry?

Who should come

Looking for the latest in cybersecurity, compliance, crowdfunding, open banking and digital currencies? Representatives of regulators, incumbent financial institutions, payment services, card providers, fintech innovators, investors, tech giants – this one’s for you!


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