Applied Al, 5G & cloud solutions

What we'll be talking about

  •  A holistic look at the key technologies shaping the future: leading use cases from around the world and the secret to their local implementation
  •  Tech priorities for 2020. Are we equipped for the future?
  • Combining technologies: the interplay of AI, cloud, blockchain, 5G and quantum computing. How can these technologies work together to create future opportunities?
  • Asia as a key center of technology-driven innovation. Will it lead the way? How can Europe remain a proactive participant in this race?
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning – how is each of these technologies becoming smarter faster than ever before?
  • What new challenges await companies that want take full advantage of what artificial intelligence has to offer?
  • Can artificial intelligence become a real driver of economic growth?
  • Will it compliment or compete with the human workforce?
  • What about ethics and regulations surrounding AI?
  • AI implementation: the biggest surprises
  • 5G and its impact on world’s economy: connectivity and device management

Who should come

  • Industry enterprises
  • Startups
  • Policy makers
  • Government decision makers
  • Data science experts
  • Technology suppliers for IoE
  • Software developers and providers
  •  IT security experts
  • Academic researchers
  • Consulting firms

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