Finance & e-commerce

What we'll be talking about

  • The banking industry as a conveyor belt shaping the basic macroeconomic indicators in the country
  • How can banks effectively navigate the waters in times of political and legislative uncertainty?
  • Tax morale: how to encourage private citizens as well as businesses to pay taxes? Key factors
  • Five ways in which financial institutions can support the climate-friendly transformation
  • Case study: cashless payments and how they influence economic growth
  • A roadmap of banking transformation – the six biggest challenges facing the sector between 2020 and 2030
  • The open data economy: a new dimension of open banking
  • Analysis: new commerce models, using customer data in loyalty programs and credit scores as well as experimental technologies that enable easy and fast payment for connected commerce
  • Powering data in the cloud. How will banking look?
  • Transformation potential: traditional players as tech companies? Examples of successes and failures
  • Risk culture: six key aspects in its creation and development
  • Preventing cyber attacks: new strategies as well as best practices related to data protection and compliance in times of open platforms and marketplaces. Global use cases
  • The latest as well as upcoming regulatory changes: how will they influence the industry

Who should come

  • Banks, insurance providers, payment-service providers, lenders, money-transfer providers, e-commerce platforms
  • Providers of technology, tools and infrastructure
  • Law firms and companies providing business consulting services
  • Investors
  • Startups
  • Government decision makers
  • Experts in data analysis
  • Programmers and software providers
  • Experts in IT security