Open science

What we'll be talking about

  • Directions as well as trends in research and development
  • Creating an open innovation system
  • Commercialisation
  • Programs supporting scientists
  • Cooperation between the worlds of business and academia – creating innovations and shaping future skill requirements
  • Subjects of the future: quantum computing, neuronauka, nanotechnology, artificial/synthetic RNA, cancer immunotherapy
  • How can we support scientists in transforming their research into practical applications?
  • How do increase cooperation on a global level as it relates to research and innovation?

Who should come

  • Academic society
  • Universities and research institutes
  • International science organisations, networks and associations
  • Companies involved in R&D activities
  • Companies searching for highly skilled professionals
  • Policy makers
  • EU units for science, innovation and higher education
  • Spin-offs and startups
  • Young researchers
  • Innovation brokers

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