Next health

What we'll be talking about

  • Creating strategy for biotechnology in Poland. Leapfrogging
  • Implementing global solutions / ideas locally: how can we create a truly innovative biomedical ecosystem in Poland?
  • Digitalisation of the healthcare system – from data to knowledge
  • Pharmaceutical strategy for Europe
  • Security of data in healthcare: blockchain applications in healthcare (controlling and tracking the production and sale of drugs), utilizing blockchain in medical devices
  • Open Data and its biomedical applications
  • An analysis of the interconnected worlds of healthcare, insurance and tech
  • The role of business and academia in addressing global healthcare challenges. Epidemics, preventive medicine, diagnostics, stress and ageing societies
  •  The Open Digital Health initiative

Who should come

  • Healthcare policymakers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Healthcare disruptors
  • R&D experts
  • Healthcare researchers and practitioners