Meet our speaker - Jadwiga Emilewicz

Jadwiga Emilewicz

Jadwiga Emilewicz

Jadwiga Emilewicz



Born 27 August 1974 in Kraków. A candidate of the Law and Justice party.

Graduate and doctoral student of the Jagiellonian University, lecturer at the Father Józef Tischner European School in Krakow and director of the Museum of the People’s Republic of Poland in Nowa Huta.

Co-founder and currently a member of the editorial board of the quarterly „Pressje”. Scholarship holder at Oxford University. She was also the managing director of KN Studio.

In her professional work she has dealt with the sociology of power, local self-government, recent history and Poland’s systemic transformation. Her research interests focus on the phenomenon of power in politics, social power theory and social interests. Author of the book Reformers and Politicians. The game for system reform in 1998 seen through the eyes of its actors, which she wrote together with Artur Wołek.

Between 1998 and 2002, she was a counsellor to the Prime Minister in the Department of Foreign Affairs. Coordinator of the Institute of Political Theory, member of the Oxford University European Affairs Society. Since 1995, she has worked with the Centre for Political Thought in Kraków. In 2007 and 2008, she sat on the board of the Jagiellonian Club, then a member of the Jagiellonian Club association council and an honorary member of the KJ.

She was a member of the Civic Platform. She joined the Polish Civic Platform, established in December 2013. Poland Together by Jarosław Gowin. She also became president of the Lepsza Polska foundation, which is linked to the party. In 2014, she stood at the head of the Malopolska structures of Polski Razem. In the same year, she ran unsuccessfully from its list for the European Parliament and successfully, from the PiS list, for the Małopolska regional assembly. On 26 April 2015, she took up the post of vice-president of Polski Razem.

On 27 November 2015, she was appointed Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Development. After the transformation of Polski Razem into Porozumienie on 4 November 2017, she remained vice-president of the grouping.

On 9 January 2018, she was appointed Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Mateusz Morawiecki’s government. In the same month, she submitted her mandate as a local councilor.

In the 2019 elections from the Law and Justice list, she won a mandate as MP of the ninth term. On 15 November 2019, she became Minister of Development in Mateusz Morawiecki’s second cabinet, while on 9 April 2020 she additionally assumed the office of Deputy Prime Minister. On 6 October 2020, she ceased to serve as Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the RM. In September 2020, she left the Covenant party, becoming a non-partisan MP in the PiS parliamentary club.

Chair of the Parliamentary Group on the Zero-Carbon Economy and the European Green Deal, Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Group on Cycling Transport.